Goofed Up a Presentation? Keeping Calm is the Answer

Goofing up in front of a large audience or an important audience or both is quite embarrassing. There are days when you will goof up in spite of all the practice and preparation. However, the best presenters and speakers usually don’t let the embarrassment or the event itself hamper the rest of their presentation. If… Continue reading »


The Importance of Developing a Theme for Your Presentation

A few minutes after your presentation, it would be hard to find a single member in the audience, who would remember everything you talked about. In fact, a couple of days later, there are very few things that the audience will remember about the presentation. The only difference is that you can choose those 2… Continue reading »


The 10 Biggest Public Speaking Mistakes You Can Make

There are some mistakes that happen by chance and speakers can be forgiven for their bad luck.  But there are some public speaking mistakes which are made quite often below you will find a list of the 10 biggest public speaking mistakes you can make. 1.  Not Preparing Well Not going enough deep into the… Continue reading »


How to Write an Unforgettable Speech in 7 Easy Steps

Writing an unforgettable speech is to deliver a message that is indelible and sticks to the mind of the listeners. Great speeches have to be crafted carefully.


Body Language and Gestures and How They Could Bring a Presentation to Life

Body language and gestures are just as important as speech when it comes to adding emphasis on your presentation and making it more effective. A lot of orators stand lifeless and deliver a speech, which often tends to make the presentation mundane even though the content is very good. In fact, it has been proved time and time again that the spoken word only accounts for 7% of all communication, while the tone and non-verbal communication are far more important.


5 Key Strategies to Make Your Presentation Memorable

Presentations are often important because they are made for a purpose. Whether it is convincing the client for a business opportunity or convincing the top management for a business strategy or impressing the audience with a new launch, presentations are made with massive gains at stake. Here are 5 strategies that will help you make your presentation very memorable.

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