Tips for Public Speaking Success, Exercises for Enunciation and Pronunciation

Enunciation is the articulation of speech from the perspective of how intelligible the speech is to the audience. There are quite a few simple exercises which can help individuals who are suffering with problems such as others misunderstanding what they are saying or not clearly following the speech. Using the Mouth More Often A mouth… Continue reading »


Fun Facts and Statistics on Public Speaking

There are some interesting facts and statistics about public speaking which would really take you by surprise. These are facts and statistics that one wouldn’t have imagined possible or thought about. While some facts are pure fan, others are a revelation. The Greatest Fear It is incredible to note that the fear of public speaking… Continue reading »


Goofed Up a Presentation? Keeping Calm is the Answer

Goofing up in front of a large audience or an important audience or both is quite embarrassing. There are days when you will goof up in spite of all the practice and preparation. However, the best presenters and speakers usually don’t let the embarrassment or the event itself hamper the rest of their presentation. If… Continue reading »


Your Public Speaking Checklist

Public speaking is all about practice and constantly ironing out the creases until the big moment. As the years go by and you gain valuable experience things will become smoother but it will always help to have a checklist of things to make sure you have considered all possible aspects of your speech. Here is… Continue reading »


Tony Robbins – Professional Public Speaker

Anthony (Tony) Robbins is an American self-help author and success coach. He is a major figure as a professional public speaker and has released a host of books in the genre of self-help and personal motivation. He has also advised or consulted with some of the most famous leaders in the world. Robbins is a… Continue reading »


Public Speaking Tip – Ensure Your Words are Always Understood By Your Audience

The whole purpose of giving a speech or presentation is to elucidate an idea or a central point to an audience. The whole speech has to be constructed around delivering that point effectively. Often speakers end up leaving the audience confused or dazed. Proper planning and presentation keeping some important tips in mind can ensure… Continue reading »

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