Tips for Public Speaking Success, Exercises for Enunciation and Pronunciation

Enunciation is the articulation of speech from the perspective of how intelligible the speech is to the audience. There are quite a few simple exercises which can help individuals who are suffering with problems such as others misunderstanding what they are saying or not clearly following the speech. Using the Mouth More Often A mouth… Continue reading »


Your Public Speaking Checklist

Public speaking is all about practice and constantly ironing out the creases until the big moment. As the years go by and you gain valuable experience things will become smoother but it will always help to have a checklist of things to make sure you have considered all possible aspects of your speech. Here is… Continue reading »


The Importance of Developing a Theme for Your Presentation

A few minutes after your presentation, it would be hard to find a single member in the audience, who would remember everything you talked about. In fact, a couple of days later, there are very few things that the audience will remember about the presentation. The only difference is that you can choose those 2… Continue reading »


Public Speaking Training Courses – How They Help You Achieve Public Speaking Success

There are many effective public speaking training courses that are offered to a great degree of success. Most notable amongst such public speaking training courses are the ones offered by Toastmasters, Powertalk, etc. Here are some of the benefits that are offered by these training courses. Fighting the Apprehensions and Nervousness The training programs are… Continue reading »


The 10 Biggest Public Speaking Mistakes You Can Make

There are some mistakes that happen by chance and speakers can be forgiven for their bad luck.  But there are some public speaking mistakes which are made quite often below you will find a list of the 10 biggest public speaking mistakes you can make. 1.  Not Preparing Well Not going enough deep into the… Continue reading »


Strategies to Convey Your Message, Thoughts and Vision Effectively

In order to deliver an effective strategy or presentation, it takes a lot more effort than an impromptu attempt on the stage. Depending on how important the speech or presentation is, you might need to prepare days or sometimes even months in advance.

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