Goofed Up a Presentation? Keeping Calm is the Answer

Goofing up in front of a large audience or an important audience or both is quite embarrassing. There are days when you will goof up in spite of all the practice and preparation. However, the best presenters and speakers usually don’t let the embarrassment or the event itself hamper the rest of their presentation. If… Continue reading »


Determining the Best Format for Your Next Presentation

The style of your presentation often determines the response it evokes and its effectiveness. Sometimes good content may be wasted on target audiences, who find the presentation mundane or beyond their level of understanding. The harmony in content and delivery is very important to get a good response. Here are a few things that you… Continue reading »


Public Speaking Tip – Ensure Your Words are Always Understood By Your Audience

The whole purpose of giving a speech or presentation is to elucidate an idea or a central point to an audience. The whole speech has to be constructed around delivering that point effectively. Often speakers end up leaving the audience confused or dazed. Proper planning and presentation keeping some important tips in mind can ensure… Continue reading »


An Exercise in Body Language and Body Mirroring

Understanding body language and body mirroring can help you build a very good rapport and communication with the other person particularly in for presentations and public speaking engagements.


The 10 Biggest Public Speaking Mistakes You Can Make

There are some mistakes that happen by chance and speakers can be forgiven for their bad luck.  But there are some public speaking mistakes which are made quite often below you will find a list of the 10 biggest public speaking mistakes you can make. 1.  Not Preparing Well Not going enough deep into the… Continue reading »


How to Write an Unforgettable Speech in 7 Easy Steps

Writing an unforgettable speech is to deliver a message that is indelible and sticks to the mind of the listeners. Great speeches have to be crafted carefully.

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