Public Speaking Success Tips

Have you started your public speaking career?  

Why not share your public speaking success tips?

More and more we are expected to make presentations at work, at conferences, even at weddings, or just to make a toast on that special occasion.  

Did you know that it is scientific fact that your brain and body will feel fear before and during a presentation?  It all comes down to survival, after all, back in the stone age it was unsafe to be standing alone, in the open, with no place to hide and all of that without a weapon!

No one has died from making presentation (even though there seem to be some sort of belief that people would prefer to die then do public speaking in any way, shape or form. Personally, I have never seen anyone fall over dead  or even run away from the lectern mid speech, though I am sure they may have felt like it.  I must admit, I have stood at the lectern with knees shaking and hands trembling but I have found it is really a matter of taking a deep breath, smiling at the audience (they really do want you to succeed),  believing in yourself and ultimately practice – it is true, practice definitely does make perfect.

Not all people are troubled by the same concerns when it comes to speaking in public. It is true that a lot are faced with nervousness and anxiety, with signs like the mouth drying up when they face the audience, a shaking voice, continual movement of their hands and feet and poor posture. Some may not suffer any of the above symptoms but may in other ways that we have yet to discover in the comments below.  Public Speaking Success –  it is a journey of discovery to find the confident, professional, authentic you.

So come on make your comments below, share your public speaking success tips, experience and advice on your public speaking success (and disasters?!)

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