Fun Facts and Statistics on Public Speaking

There are some interesting facts and statistics about public speaking which would really take you by surprise. These are facts and statistics that one wouldn’t have imagined possible or thought about. While some facts are pure fan, others are a revelation.

The Greatest Fear

It is incredible to note that the fear of public speaking tops the greatest fears that trouble people according to a popular survey. In fact, this fear comes ahead of people’s fear of death, spiders, heights and confined spaces. This shows that people feel public speaking is a greater torture than any of these including death itself. Fear of public speaking is referred to as glossophobia and it is bigger than the fear of death or necrophobia. Surely public speaking cannot be that difficult if you try.

The Longest, Shortest and the Speech that Killed

William Henry Harrison is credited for giving the longest speech at an inaugural ceremony. The speech comprising of 8445 words exposed him to cold and wet, killing him a month later through pneumonia. George Washington, on the other hand didn’t stress his vocal chords giving an inaugural speech just 135 words long. The longest speech record in the House of Commons though stands since 1828. It lasted 6 hours.

The People Who Grow Anxious

3 out of every 4 people, amounting to 75%, have speech anxiety and this suffering troubles them when they deliver public speeches. An almost obvious fact that we are led to from this is that a lot of people don’t make it to the higher echelons or are not as successful as some of their equally talented colleagues because of this speech anxiety. If you are trying to make a career out of something, make sure you are a more confident public speaker. Although statistics show that more women than men suffer from speech anxiety, it is true that the phobia or fear of public speaking affects both men and women equally.

Commercial Aspect

At any given time, 5% of the world’s population aged between 5 and 50, suffer from the fear of speaking in open to others. That is why more men and women look for a solution to this fear by turning to hypnosis therapy and self help books than for any other reason. No wonder then that the self help books that are sold most are those that help people with public speaking tips and promises of success.

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