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And what is the report about?

The thought of speaking in public can have a crippling effect on most adults. In fact, 3 out of 4 adults would rather find a new job than give a speech in front of coworkers they work with everyday. This is a  sad but true fact that many people face. Many people find that after years of sitting behind a desk they are thrown into the public speaking field at work. Some people are drawn into public speaking as a result of organization memberships. Whether you have been asked to speak at work, prepare a thank you speech for an award, or lead a presentation for your local nonprofit, the fear usually always feels the same.

But don’t fret, as with any new undertaking you need time to prepare and time to learn the skills involved in the task. After all, you wouldn’t take up skydiving without learning a few tricks and techniques. Public speaking is the same thing. You need a checklist, tools, and a game plan before you go jumping out on stage. This report was created to give you those tools. After reading this report you may still find public speaking scary, just as you would jumping from ten thousand feet. However, you may just look at this task in a new light and you may find that it isn’t the terrifying undertaking you had imagined.

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    [...]   About the AuthorMost people have a fear of public speaking, are you one of them?  Michelle's website Public Speaking Success is full of information, tips, strategies and tools focused on helping you to be  a more confident and self assured  presenter.  Subscribe to her monthly eNewsletter and get her free report on Podium Tips for Public Speaking Success [...]

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