Public speaking – become present and real

We coach public speaking from the inside out.

Training for public speaking is not about giving you feedback on your style or mannerisms, nor is about giving you piles of ‘correct’ postures, gestures and speech effects to practice. Coaching for public speaking is about developing presence. It is also about learning to be real. We’ll coach you to be present and authentic. We’ll coach you to be relaxed, calm and centered under pressure.

If you are looking to boost your confidence in other areas, we also offer life coaching that will assist you to take yourself to the next level, and for those who need it, We have experienced psychotherapists working to support you to overcome fears and trauma and move forward.

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Transform your fear of public speaking

Enhance Your Presence

Presence is a quality of wakeful attention. Presence connects you, with yourself, with your audience, one person at a time, and with your content. Presence gives you intentionality and enables clarity and aliveness. Presence allows your passion and expertise for the topic to shine through. Presence inspires.

We’ll coach you to pause, slow down, quiet your mind and listen. You’ll cultivate an inner calmness and resourcefulness. From this space, of increased awareness, capacity and resilience, you’ll be able to stand in your power, with direction and intentionality. You’ll be able to draw on your content with ease. We’ll coach you to connect with your audience one person at a time. You’ll build relationship, intimacy and collaboration with them.

Be Authentic

An audience recognises a person who cares. Authenticity creates trust and establishes credibility. We’ll coach you to be curious about who you are, how you show up and how you want to be. You’ll grow the qualities of courage, clarity and conviction and the capacity to take charge. You’ll be able to be yourself. You’ll create impact and influence. You’ll be naturally effective. When you focus on presence and authenticity you calibrate your style to the occasion.

Rethink Your Audience

Speaking with an audience is different to engaging in conversation. Audiences listen, and respond, differently. I’ll coach you to be relaxed in front of passive, blank faces. We’ll coach you to speak from an empowered stance; to assume your audience is supporting you.

Speaking Circles and workshops

At times, weI offer Speaking Circles and workshops on the fundamentals of public speaking. These are mindfulness and relationship based, supporting you to grow authentic confidence and rapport rather than relying on performance.

They provide a solid foundation for both personal and professional authentic communication and presentation. The transformative approach we offer successfully supports people worldwide.

How do we coach you in public speaking?

A session is one hour. In our first session we’ll be curious about your experience of public speaking. We’ll elicit what you want the focus of my coaching to be; the outcome becoming a more confident and authentic public speaker.

We’ll introduce you to Relational Presence, a relational approach to speaking in public, and we’ll practice this approach together. We’ll invite you to view your audience from an empowered stance. If you are ready to overcome your fear of public speaking, or you would like to work with an experienced Wellington-based life coach to move forward in other areas of your life, contact Public Speaking Success today.

As a dedicated psychotherapist, we can also assist you with stress therapy and trauma therapy, guiding you to reduce or regulate stress and move, safely, through trauma. You’ll be more productive when you experience calm and spaciousness.

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