Tips for Public Speaking Success, Exercises for Enunciation and Pronunciation

Enunciation is the articulation of speech from the perspective of how intelligible the speech is to the audience. There are quite a few simple exercises which can help individuals who are suffering with problems such as others misunderstanding what they are saying or not clearly following the speech.

Using the Mouth More Often

A mouth which doesn’t open wide enough is one of the reasons why some people have a blurred speech or voice. There are couple of exercises that could help people with such a problem. One would be to watch others speak especially those who are known to be good orators or speakers with clarity in their voice, for example News Readers. Noticing how much they open their mouth is critical here. This problem is also referred to as the Great American Jaw, where people with rigid jaws aren’t really able to bring about clarity in their voice. Jaw related exercises allowing the lower jaw to fall down a bit will allow one to move the jaws and opening the mouth wider. In fact, even yawning turns out to be a great exercise for the jaws.

Some Pronunciation Exercises

There are some pronunciation exercises which can help individuals with their speech. These pronunciation exercises include combining words that begin with similar consonant sounds followed by similar vowel sounds. Individuals must try listening to the various sounds by repeating the line slowly, a few times and keeping the sound distinct. For example, a series consisting of words like big, beat, bet and bat would help individuals focus on consonants and vowels.

Forming Vowels and Consonants

An important way to master the formation of the vowels is by concentrating on the resonance of the vocal cavities. Watching the words end and ensuring that you pronounce every single letter in the word except unless when the letters should be silent will help in pronunciation.

Breath Support

Breath support exercises like breathing from the diaphragm and making a sound and allowing it to fall on you rather than forcing it through will help individuals control breathing while they speak and use it as their advantage.

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